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New Device Offers iPhone Voice Control in Almost Any Car

LINK Auto parts Co.,Ltd | 2012/5/8

Hordes of iPhone-philes who can’t afford high-end cars have new reason to rejoice with the release of the Next GATE from Clarion.

It’s a new device that functions as an intelligent controller for your iPhone, linking it with cooperative services like Pandora internet radio, Vlingo (a speech to text app) and many more. The new device aims to make driving while using your beloved buddy a lot safer by making the phone’s functions available through speech with feedback via the car’s stereo system.

Mounting to the windshield, the system offers a built-in speaker, microphone and audio output that feed directly into the car. NEXT Gate uses bluetooth to connect itself to your iPhone, though the system is only compatible with the newer 4 and 4S models. Still, it’s a nice feature because it means you won’t be digging a phone out before each drive to plug it in.

Make sure to lock your car, though. The suggested retail price is $270, so it’ll make a tempting case for anyone walking by in a parking lot to smash your window. Even still, it might make an attractive purchase with what the company says is a growing list of services that will be compatible with the device.