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BMW Z4 Update will be More Agile and Dynamic

LINK Auto parts Co.,Ltd | 2012/5/8

Due out around 2015, the updated BMW  Z4 will be a more capable sports car while remaining true to the character that makes it popular with fans today.

As in the currently-offered sDrive28i , the next generation will benefit from BMW’s line of N20 engines with smaller displacement, better efficiency yet reasonable power and reduced weight according to inside sources, InsideLine reports.

In line with the less space-hungry engine, BMW plans to shorten the car, though not my much given U.S. consumer preference toward long-hooded roadsters.

Given the better weight distribution that’s likely to come as a result of the smaller engine, it won’t be surprising if the next generation Z4 handles better than the outgoing version. The hood isn’t likely to be chopped too short of its current length though — doing so would likely alienate fans of the current car and its classic roadster styling.

Styling is likely to be an area BMW will put increased emphasis on for the incoming model given its policy to design cars so that they don’t look out of place for at least 15 years. That’s a tough standard because it means that the next generation will have at lease some influence on similar cars until 2030.