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Toyota GT 86 Race Car Modded and Competition-Ready

LINK Auto parts Co.,Ltd | 2012/5/8

The Toyota  GT 86 generates enough buzz by itself, but it’s hard to resist looking at pictures of a race-modified version like the one in our gallery below.

At this point the name and car are basically cool by definition, which is why every time something new pops up concerning the GT 86 , Scion FR-S  or Subaru BRZ , everyone and their grandmother jumps on the bandwagon to talk about it. For better or worse, we’re no different when it comes to this car.

The truth is, we don’t want to be. With its low-slung 2.0-liter Boxer engine  and low center of gravity, the GT 86 is already a track car. Still, its co-authors (Subaru and Toyota) insist that it’s tuner ready and meant for tinkering.

That’s especially evident in Japan where customers can buy a stripped-down  version of the GT 86 that comes with absolutely no frills — not even painted bumpers.

None of that, however, is news at all. What we’re looking at today is the race-modded version you see above. With big air vents cut into the hood that look a little like the previous generation Dodge  Viper, a super low lip kit and a massive spoiler to add downforce at high speeds. It’s basically just eye candy, but who can complain about that?